Sparx* – A Virtuos Studio Contributes to Vietnam’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

14 July 2021
The studio heeds call to donate and support the country in containing outbreaks
Expert Talk

Harnessing Photogrammetry and Creating Virtual Worlds at Sparx*

3 June 2021
VIRTUOS EXPERT TALK #11 Virtuos has made progress with photogrammetry within its various studios to produce highly detailed environments in various end-to-end game productions.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Sets a New Milestone for Virtuos

5 January 2021
The legendary military shooter game franchise has returned with Virtuos teams integrated in production.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War by Treyarch, Featuring Virtuos Contributions Is Globally Released!

10 December 2020
Virtuos created various weapons and vehicles for the Cold War-era shooter.

The Vietnamese Studio that Contributes to the Billion-Dollar Global Game and Film Production

8 December 2020
The entertainment sector has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years, with movie after movie breaking the box office record and global game revenue passing $150 billion in 2019.

Ride4 – Newest Title from Milestone With Virtuos Support – For Bike Lovers Across The Globe Has Arrived!

2 December 2020
A treat for all bike lovers across the globe – RIDE4 has officially released in October!

Soar with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020—Proudly Contributed by Sparx* – A Virtuos Studio

20 November 2020
Microsoft has once again reminded us just how inspiring simulation games can be.

The Return of A Classic: Demon’s Souls Remake Released on Sony Playstation 5, Featuring Contributions by Sparx* – A Virtuos Studio

18 November 2020
Demon’s Souls, the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game and the precursor of the renowned Souls series, has been released, coinciding with the official release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console.