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Sparx* delivers services that span the full spectrum of 3D Art and Animation. Thanks to our team’s expertise in Art, Technology and Production, we are able to deploy specialized talents across a full production process at minimum risk and cost.  We believe that as projects get larger and more complex, our clients deserve only the most passionate, diversely talented teams that can become an integral part of their organization, driving projects as hard as any internal development team.

Sparx* is undoubtably capable of assuming that role, stemming from our proven track record of contributions for some of the biggest AAA video games, award-winning TV series or Hollywood blockbuster movies to date.

Making Films & Cinematics


Asset / Rigging

We go beyond just delivering the best quality artwork. Discover how we are prepared to work with you in a truly integrated way, to deliver into engine high-quality assets that meet your most stringent technical requirements.

FX / Lighting

We produce electrifying visual effects for both games and films by using the latest technologies.

Animation (Keyframe & Mo-Cap) / Layout

We bring characters in films and game cinematics to life with the expressive nuance needed to give them emotions and personalities.

Making Games


Matte Painting / Compositing

We help you insert shots, given animated or live, into jaw-dropping fictional world and blur the line between CG and reality.

Level / Assembly

Enhance the in-game experience of your titles, prolong product life cycles, aim for higher Metacritic scores and boost player retention by adding exotic gameplay to your projects.

Concept / Brief

Whether you need environment art or character, creature and object designs ranging from whimsical themes to ultra-realistic visuals, our world-class artists are always ready to tackle your projects.


We not only provide the best quality art possible, but also have the experience and know-how to integrate them into our clients’ pipeline and workflow. With the support from Virtuos Group, Sparx* has developed a deep expertise in several leading commercial game engines, as well as proprietary engines. This translates into an intimate understanding of their characteristics and the corresponding solutions for them.

Learn how we can work with you by deeply integrating with your team, delivering the highest quality Art and Animation into engine whilst meeting your highest technical requirements. Our trained artists and production teams are equipped with the most powerful communications and project management tools, allowing us to provide end-to-end services at maximum efficiency and value.


Art ProducerILM

Very quick, proactive, and reliable.

Art DirectorTreyarch

We involved Virtuos – Sparx* in many time sensitive projects, because we knew that they were capable of delivering.

Senior Art producerPlayful Corp.

Working with Virtuos – Sparx* was great. Assets were delivered on time and at the quality expected. We appreciated the flexibility as our needs changed during the project.

Art DirectorKung Fu Factory

Quality is more than satisfactory… If it will be my call, we all work together again!

Art DirectorFramestore

When our team needed supplemental resources for a project, you guys were great at jumping right in and helping us out. Even with Lunar New Year holidays, you was able to deliver great quality work.

Art ProducerDouble Helix

The Virtuos – Sparx* teams are awesome. Always a pleasure to work with!

Executive ProducterLucasfilm Ltd

Sparx*, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Star Wars Galaxy! The Force is strong with you!