Sparx* is Vietnam’s premier 3D Art and Animation studio. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the studio is home to 350 talents who have contributed to some of the biggest Feature Films, TV Shows, Video Games and Cinematics to date.

Established in 1995, Sparx* first made its mark co-producing numerous successful TV series that were aired in multiple countries across five continents. In 1999, the studio received a Daytime EMMY® Award and another Gemini Award for ‘Outstanding Special Class Animated Program’ – ‘Rolio Olie Polie’.

In 2008, Sparx* also became the first studio in Vietnam to have fully animated a Hollywood feature movie (Igor, 2008). Those were the solid foundations for our Animation Department to reach new milestones years later by taking part in the full-episode production for the last 3 seasons of Star Wars Rebels - the award-winning TV series from Lucasfilm.

In 2011, the assets and core team of Sparx* were acquired by Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd. Since then, Sparx* has expanded by opening its Game and Film departments, which produce content for AAA video games as well as for Hollywood blockbusters.

As of 2019, Sparx* is engaged in providing services across the full pipeline for the biggest video game companies globally, earning credits on legendary titles such as Call of Duty, Fallout, Final Fantasy and Battlefront, to name a few. The studio has also contributed to some of Hollywood's biggest cinematic franchises including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and Transformers, and has worked on six of the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time.



A Daytime EMMY® Award-winning studio, Sparx* continues to work on projects that garner high ratings and review scores.


With more than 350 full-time team members, Sparx* is capable of tackling the scope of any assignment, from a TV series to a full-blown AAA video games.


Sparx* is at the forefront of new platforms and technologies thanks to the resources readily available from a new and dedicated R&D facility owned by Virtuos Group in Singapore.


After two and a half decades, we have earned our reputation as an outstanding hub of digital entertainment production in all of Vietnam.


Sparx* is managed by a multicultural team of veterans from the animation and video games industries. Proven with an impressive and diverse portfolio of work, the creative minds at Sparx* speak the same language as their clients. Our expertise and dedication allow us to deliver stunning visuals and execute any vision at the highest industry standards.

Samueal Stevenin - Studio General Manager

Samuel Stevenin

Studio General Manager

Samuel has spent more than half of his 20 years of video game/movie industry experience at Sparx*, having taken on various roles from assets to lighting supervisor. Samuel possesses great understanding of different production pipelines and technical know-how. As the studio leader, his vision and unique combination of past knowledge has helped Sparx* achieve its goals through the years.

Patrice Compagnon - Head of Animation Department

Patrice Compagnon

Head of Animation Department

Patrice’s story is that of a typical 'Sparxer' (an affectionate term for a member of Sparx*). In the course of nearly 2 decades working at Sparx*, Patrice has led his Animation Department on remarkable projects including many 3D animated feature films, 3D animated TV series, cinematics and video games.

Kristian Pedlow - Head of Film Department

Kristian Pedlow

Head of Film Department

Kris was one of the first members of Virtuos to move to Vietnam in 2013 in order to build the Film Department at Sparx*. With almost 25 years of experience in Sydney, Shanghai and now Ho Chi Minh City, Kris has trained hundreds of artists at Virtuos and Sparx*, and has produced thousands of assets for some of the biggest blockbuster films and video games.

Ron - Head of Game Department

Ron Mayland

Head of Game Department

Ron refers to himself as a 3D Game Generalist with more than a decade of experience in a wide range of areas, styles and technical constraints, although he also specialises in anything hard-surface. Over the past 4 years at Sparx*, Ron has led the CG Game Department and managed all kinds of different disciplines for AAA video game titles.

Technical Supervisor

Fernando Castillo

Cinematic Pipeline Director

Fernando had spent 15 years in EA Games where he worked as CG Supervisor and Development Director before joining Sparx* in 2018. He is currently leading a team of technical artists to set up technology deployment, workflows and pipelines for the studio’s exciting coming plans.

Lighting & FX Art Director

Jerome Hereng

Lighting & FX Art Director

Jerome has 14 years of experience in CG and has worked in renowned studios including Illumination Mac Guff, handling a large range of tools and software to propose the best technical and artistic solutions for Special Effects. Jerome has supervised our lighting team since 2016 and has branched out his area of expertise into game engines.

Phan Thanh Hai - Game Character Art Director

Phan Thanh Hai

Game Character Art Director

An alumnus of Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, Hai has been with Sparx* Since 2014. As Character Art Director, he has spent much of that time training and developing local character artists in order to satisfy the exacting demands of global clients, the likes of which include EA Sports, Microsoft, NC Soft, and Nexon.

Le Thi Thuy Tien - Production Manager

Le Thi Thuy Tien

Senior Production Coordinator

Beginning her career in digital production at Sparx* in 2012, Tien has deep expertise in production, and has been working on numerous projects of different styles and genres within the realms of both video games and TV series.

Eric Pepin - Studio Operations Director

Eric Pepin

Studio Operations Director

Eric has a combined 20 years of experience in Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Shanghai Studios, where he played many important roles that oversee Project Management, Human Resources & Communications. Now, Eric is supervising all activities related to talent acquisition, management and development at Sparx*. His commitment to excellence and expertise in management skills has helped bring structure and guidance to the studio’s operations teams.


The adventure began in 1995… Take a quick look at some of our proudest milestones.


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Sparx* - A Virtuos Studio

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Sparx* is the leading 3D animation and CG art studio in the heart of bustling Vietnam. We provide a wide range of services and the highest quality visual content, for movies, TV series and video games.

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