Sparx* is hiring the best talent

Sparx* offers the opportunity to develop your professional skills while working on a variety of stimulating projects. We recruit specialized talents across the entire production process, including modeling, 3D animation, post-FX teams and more.

A Rapid Growth in an international group

Sparx* is part of the Virtuos Group, a company which has added over 100 team members every year since its establishment.
The company is committed to adding top CG talent to studios in Vietnam and China.

We are currently looking for artists in the following areas:  Layout, Animation, Character Rigging, Modeling, Texturing, FX, Lighting and Compositing.

If you are currently in Vietnam; please contact our Talent Aquisition team. 

Path to Excellence

Sparx* is committed to talent development.

 For every role, we define a Path to Excellence, a formal process to elevate the skills of each artist through a mix of mentoring,
training, exposure and evaluation. The Path to Excellence is based on four principles:

1. Mentoring

Every junior staff is provided a mentor in the company,
a senior employee who will help them develop their skills and provide advice.

2. Training

Each newcomer is trained using real life cases,
with formal trainings in a variety of artistic, production and professional topics.

3. Exposure

At Sparx, you will encounter a steady flow of exciting new projects and new situations.
Every day will bring new challenges.


4. Evaluations

Evaluations are conducted regularly to review performance and establish new goals,
with consideration for how your own professional and creative goals can match the company’s goals


Sparx* is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in Vietnam,
providing our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.