Kristian Pedlow
Art Director

Kristian manages a varied team of artists at Sparx*. From the specialists building highly detailed realistic models for VFX shots to the highly skilled hand painted texture artists needed for Rebels and everything in-between with game res assets.
Kristian finds bridging the gap between the client and our artists one of the most satisfying aspect of this job.

As an Art Director at Virtuos Vietnam, Kris is interacting with many different clients and art styles. Kristian and his team at Sparx* have worked on many Hollywood blockbusters including almost 20 films in just 7 years. 

In 2015, Sparx* worked on Star Wars - The Force Awakens and according to a big Star Wars fan like Kristian, his career Objective is Achieved!!
Fun fact about Kristian? He also went to NASA.

Kristian graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Diploma of Graphic Design and Photography. Since then he has spent 21 years on the job as a CG artist.

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Kristian Pedlow