Samuel Stevenin

General Manager

Sam has almost 20 years in the Game and Movie industry, playing various roles from artist to supervisor and then studio manager. The experience has given him great understanding of different production pipelines as well as technical aspects. After one year as GM for the studio from 2015 to 2016, Sam has been directing Virtuos’ Talent Development Department and contributing to the accelerated knowledge sharing across studios. Now back to the GM role at Sparx*, Sam is surely bringing up his unique combination of past knowledge and a vision of the studio’s prowess that will help Sparx* achieve its goals.

Patrice Compagnon

Animation Director

With more than 10 years at Sparx*, Patrice is in charge of managing Animation and Layout Departments.
His responsibility ranges from reaching products' quality within estimates and according to schedule to managing Animation & Layout trainings.

During his time working at Sparx*, Patrice has contributed to many famous animated movies and series such as Zoe Kezako TV series, Igor Feature movie, Rebels TV Series.
As an Animation Director, Patrice's objective is to grow and learn with his team, to be curious and to improve the animation knowledge and quality in our studio.

Patrice graduated from the Fine Arts School of Angouleme (France). He also holds a Master degree of visual and audiovisual communication.

Kristian Pedlow

Art Director

Kristian manages a varied team of artists at Sparx*. From the specialists building highly detailed realistic models for VFX shots to the highly skilled hand painted texture artists needed for Rebels and everything in-between with game res assets.
Kristian finds bridging the gap between the client and our artists one of the most satisfying aspect of this job.

As an Art Director at Virtuos Vietnam, Kris is interacting with many different clients and art styles. Kristian and his team at Sparx* have worked on many Hollywood blockbusters including almost 20 films in just 7 years. 

In 2015, Sparx* worked on Star Wars - The Force Awakens and according to a big Star Wars fan like Kristian, his career Objective is Achieved!!
Fun fact about Kristian? He also went to NASA.

Kristian graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Diploma of Graphic Design and Photography. Since then he has spent 21 years on the job as a CG artist.

Michael Khantharod

Pipeline Manager

Working as the Pipeline Manager, Michael is dealing with a great diversity of projects and challenges;He is responsible for making sure the quality inside and outside the studio is consistent and continously improving.

Michael has a solid experience on pre-rendered CGI, and has been working as CG Supervisor and Art Director at Sparx* for many years.

To strengthen the working processes and methods to build an even better studio for Sparx*'s clients and artists is what Michael aiming for in his career.

Michael hold s a Bachelor degree in Computer Graphics.

Ron Mayland

Art Director

Ron leads a large team of artists in the CG Environment department. But is specialized in anything hard-surface. He has overseen many of high-profile art projects for clients such as Respawn, EA, Daybreak and Wargaming. Ron is also the main trainer of Sparx*'s new talents.

For his latest achievement, Ron won the first prize for Most Technical Mobile game project Europe 2013, - Allegorithmic Substance Beta tester and PBR champion at Games connection Paris 2013.

Consistently pushing the quality limits for his artist .

Ron holds a Master of Art Degree from the University of Portsmouth.UK and is graduated from The school of arts Utrecht with a Bachelor of Arts in Interaction Action Design.

Jerome Hereng

VFX Supervisor

Working as VFX supervisor, Jerome handle a large range of software to propose the best technical and artistic solution for various VFX.

Jerome has been practicing VFX for 10 years and also working on many blockbusters such as Despicable Me 1 and 2 .

Jerome's goal is to continue to extend the range of knowledge to be able to always push the quality further. Such software like Houdini open a lot of opportunity for the studio capability.

Jerome is graduated from the 3D school Supinfograph - Paris, France.

Phan Thanh Hai

Art Director

As an Art Director of Sparx*'s Game Division, Hai must ensure the productions quality always match with clients' expectation and develop to keep up with the world’s propensity in 3D Computer Graphic.

Currently, Hai is in charge of almost all Character production for Game Division. Hai has contributed on the successful making of a thousand characters vary from small projects to big hit titles such as Killer Instinct 2, Blood Bowl 2, Sword Coast Legends.

“Awesome” is the word Hai uses the most when speaking about Sparx* ‘s projects where he can learn and exchange with his western counterparts.

Hai graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts.