Sometimes, having static art just isn't enough. To truly bring it to life, 3D Animation is required. For the past 25 years, we have worked on 3D animation and VFX for projects ranging from in-game cinematics in AAA titles, to some of the world's most popular films and TV series. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. And we stand ready to help bring your vision to life.

Sparx* - Animation / Layout - Star Wars Lego All Stars
Sparx* - Animation / Layout - Baby Riki
Sparx* - Animation / Layout - Star Wars Rebels

Animation (Keyframe & MoCap) / Layout

We bring characters in films and game cinematics to life with the expressive nuance needed to give them emotions and personalities.

Sparx* - Asset / Rigging - Aquaman
Sparx* - Asset / Rigging - Avengers Infinity War
Sparx* - Asset / Rigging - Black Panther

Asset / Rigging

We go beyond just delivering the best quality artwork. Discover how we are prepared to work with you in a truly integrated way, to deliver into engine high-quality assets that meet your most stringent technical requirements.

The Walking Dead
Sparx* - Lighting / FX - LOL - Star Wars Rebels
Sparx* - Lighting / FX - LOL - Star Wars Battlefront

FX / Lighting

We produce electrifying visual effects for both games and films by using the latest technologies.

Our Projects

Take a look at the latest animation and cinematic works that the team at Sparx* have contributed to.